About Vital Comm Lines

Not everyone goes through the experience of being pregnant, surviving the prenatal months, and then engaging in the actual experience of giving birth. ALL of us will one-day face death – some fast, some slow, some young, some old.

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross brought “death” out of the closet in 1969 when she interviewed a young woman with metastatic cancer. According to many fellow physicians, not one of their patients in the nearly 1,000-bed Cook County Hospital was assumed to be dying. The “word” (death) was not even mentioned in the index of most medical textbooks.

This Website is not designed to be the grim reaper or of a depressing nature. It is a place to learn about and understand all the challenges that may confront us along the way. It is meant to bring together all aspects of the palliative care continuum as well as the dying process itself.

Vital Comm Lines is a not-for-profit organization devoted to supporting the right of each individual to have their wishes regarding quality of life honored by health professionals and significant others alike – up to and including the absence of all aggressive  life-prolonging  measures in favor of total Palliative comfort care.

Our Advocacy Consulting and Care Management  services also have professional nurses  available who use their knowledge and skills to provide comfort and supportive care to those facing the challenge of illness. Their backgrounds include Critical Care, Geriatrics, Hospice, Home Health, and Long Term Care. Well-trained in self-care nursing practices, health maintenance, and palliative care, they can act as your referral agent and adjunct to existing reimbursed health care services. They are your advocates, private consultants, and work for you and only you. If you want a quality lifestyle with dignity and personal control rather than mere existence and uncertainty about the future, please contact us today.

Together, we can make a difference!