What We Offer

Advanced Directive Preparation

Professionally-designed folder with following documents:

    • POLST
    • State approved Advanced Directive for Health Care
    • Five Wishes
    • The ADL Project Advanced Directive.
  • All documents reviewed through virtual teleconferencing media
  • Follow-up communication in completion and filing of documents

Patient Advocacy:

  • Vital Comm Lines can serve as a healthcare surrogate with advocacy representation
  • Provide on-going collaboration and consulting regarding any Quality of Life issue
  • Promote Virtual teleconferencing or direct visits in support of individual rights and decision-making


Palliative Care Management:

  • Dedicated to forming a trusting camaraderie through visits and virtual calls.
  • Regular meetings to address aspects of care with continued advocacy for client’s wishes
  • Promotion of appropriate reimbursed resources, respite care,  comfort care products
  • Assistance in preparation and completion of Aid-in-Dying option at client’s request
  • Adequate control of pain and other symptoms
  • Achieve a sense of control
  • Relieve burden on family members and strengthen relationships
  • Gain a realistic understanding of the nature of the illness
  • Understand the pros and cons of available treatment alternatives weighed in context of the patient’s goals and values
  • Name decision makers in case of loss of decisional capacity
  • Have financial affairs in order