What We Offer

Advanced Care Planning

This is the cornerstone of Vital Comm Lines – Advanced Care Planning. Through this service we empower people to talk about how they honestly want to live out their life. Our objective is to help them to plan, to acknowledge, to understand and even accept the challenges they may confront in the on-going continuum of care. Our team will explain and distribute current Advanced  Directives and assist in the preparation  and completion of an Advanced Directive that clearly identifies personal choices related to quality of life and end-of-life issues.

Professionally-designed folder with following documents:

    • POLST
    • State approved Advanced Directive for Health Care
    • Five Wishes
    • The ADL Project Advanced Directive.
  • All documents reviewed through virtual teleconferencing media
  • Follow-up communication online or direct in the completion and filing of documents

Care Advocacy:


With Advanced Care Planning we build a foundation. And still, there may be the need for continued support. Our Care Advocacy service, with professional clinicians, provide intermittent assessments, clinical education and  healthcare awareness that will be needed  as healthcare needs change with advancing chronic illness. Our team members build rapport and continue to support their client’s decision-making while always striving to get all those involved on the same page. We provide on-going collaboration and consulting regarding any Quality of Life issue and promote virtual teleconferencing or direct visits in support of individual rights and decision-making

Resource Assistance

This is a relationship that develops uniquely for each client and their significant others. We assist in providing whatever assistance a client may need to meet their advanced care planning goals. This may include help in navigating toward any potential reimbursed services or include respite care for family members. We value and promote true fellowship thru visits, phone calls, or video communication. We also enjoy creating any innovative services that lend a positive hand. (We’re very interested in exploring intergenerational services.)

And, the Over-all picture of Palliative Care Management

  • Dedicated to forming a trusting camaraderie through visits and virtual calls.
  • Regular meetings to address aspects of care with continued advocacy for client’s wishes
  • Promotion of appropriate reimbursed resources, respite care,  comfort care products
  • Assistance in preparation and completion of Aid-in-Dying option at client’s request
  • Adequate control of pain and other symptoms
  • Achieve a sense of control
  • Relieve burden on family members and strengthen relationships
  • Gain a realistic understanding of the nature of the illness
  • Understand the pros and cons of available treatment alternatives weighed in context of the patient’s goals and values
  • Name decision makers in case of loss of decisional capacity
  • Have financial affairs in order