Professional Consulting and Symptom Management

for Chronic Disease and  Serious Illness

We provide well-defined knowledge regarding chronic and serious

We help sort out the various physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial burdens that often occur with a chronic or life-threatening diagnosis

We offer clear-cut awareness about which reimbursed health care services are appropriate and how to access them.

And…We will be your personal advocate and guide related to the many issues facing chronic and serious diseases

Not everyone goes through the experience of being pregnant, surviving the prenatal months, and then engaging in the actual experience of giving birth. ALL of US will one day face death – some fast, some slow, some young, some old.

What does death and dying mean to you personally? Has a person close to you died?    Do you want to share your own experiences about quality of life or fears about dying?  This website offers an incentive for health care professionals, individuals, and organizations to come together and open the channels of communication concerning this final curtain call.