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Suicide…choice or crime.

Quality of Life can also go through change in the mind of a person. I once cared for a young Canadian woman who had attempted suicide after her fiance’ cheated on her. She had come to the United States because of a law. Once upon a time (I think around the 1970’s) if someone found a person who had attempted suicide in Canada and they took them to a hospital, they would then become financially responsible. This young woman sadly said, “If I didn’t die and someone found me, I didn’t want them to be responsible. So, I came here.”
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The Hospice Movement

“Although the Hospice Movement has sincerely brought some positive reinforcements, death and related words (such as terminally-ill) continue to hide in a dark and most often negative corner of the mind. Many professional colleagues as well as friends I’ve met along the way share in the belief that we need to better understand and accept this most profound experience.” By: Suzanne with Vital Comm Lines (visit the Phases of Death presented elsewhere in this Website)
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