Death is a reality

Certainly the violence and hatred we see and hear about that ends in a “killing” (death) follows a different venue. Even a violent death with its sorrow, resentment, and fears has its own set of lessons to be learned. And, looking at the immortality of humankind and gaining understanding about the end of life cannot be understated.

You may say that this Website is in support of Death, Dying and our Quality of Living. Its name is

Anyway, check it out …..give your opinions, questions, suggestions.


  1. Jazzy suz

    One thing I think about at this time of the year is getting together with loved ones – family and friends. Now that both my Mom and Dad have died, my brothers and I really don’t get together as the family we once were. We are now the elders and tend to spend the holidays with our own children and grandchildren. It’s great and also different and always a bit sad. Just thinking out loud. What are your thoughts around the holidays ??

  2. Julie Perez

    All my grandparents are dead. But I know they lived a full life and I got to spend time with them before they were gone.

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